Charleston and Yelp Go Gatsby

Picture 1900

Last evening at the Woolfe Street Playhouse in downtown Charleston, we were taken through a time warp to the Roaring Twenties for an evening in the world of Jay Gatsby.

Inspired by The Great Gatsby, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald in 1925, The Woolfe Street Playhouse was the perfect setting and back drop for this gala event.

Under the stars, the night was filled with unique drinks, food from Vietnamese to sliders to sushi, flapper dresses, fedoras and a carefree attitude filled with dance and laughter, the Woolfe Street Playhouse and Yelp brought us back to a time when life was filled with elegance, dancing and drinking. A time when the wealthy were not just about the dollar value, but how hard they could party until dawn.

Yelp Goes Gatsby was a celebration of life. It was a costume party, a theme party and a gathering of people with one common goal: Party like it’s 1925.

From the moment you stepped into the theater, you were instantly greeted with outfits of class and style, fine art, music, cigarette girls and a wide array of drinks and shots to help loosen and liven the mood.

Like a cinematic flashback, 2013 Charleston turned into the roaring streets of 1925 Charleston. We all had money, we all had class, we all had style. This was our night. Each and every one of us were special.

Picture 1904

Charleston is a special town that embraces all that is good. Often times, we gather together for a cause and a reason to laugh, converse and dance. This night was no exception. Not only was this night focused on the Roaring Twenties, but partnered to raise money for a very worthy cause.

A number of very generous businesses and restaurants helped make this night possible and this collective effort, helped this evening go off without a flaw.

From the walk down the red carpet to the final drink of the night, A Night of Gatsby was truly a night of memories to last.

Thank you F. Scott Fitzgerald
Thank you Woolfe Street Playhouse
Thank you to The 827
Thank you to Yelp

Picture 1901

Most of all, Thank you Charleston for being a town that embraces creativity and community.

Video Montage of Yelp Does Gatsby

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