Meet Market Street Saloon’s Kahlan and Finalist for Charleston’s Hottest Bartender

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Kahlan – Irish origin meaning “Strong Leader”

Behind those soft eyes, long legs and fiery dance moves behind the bar at Market Street Saloon in downtown Charleston, SC lies a beautiful soul with tremendous depth and a mission to achieve greatness. Currently, a finalist in the Charleston Hottest Bartender competition and lead vote getter, Kahlan sees this competition as an important stepping stone toward reaching her dreams and following the wishes of her father who passed away last October. Now a year later, she is on the verge of looking up at the stars and keeping a promise to make him proud.

A recent transplant to Charleston, Kahlan sees the importance of this competition for the city, Market Street Saloon, herself and her childhood.

Charleston has been a special place for Kahlan since she was a young girl. Her family would take her to the beaches of Sullivan’s Island and it was so beautiful that it felt like home.

As she let her feet touch the sand as she ran into the first waves crashing down from the powerful ocean, she recalls a place where “no one judges you because your dreams are too big or small”.  Being able to wake up to the sun rising over the ocean is a dream and an inspiration to reach her goals. Being recognized as the Top City in the World and the United States is more motivation to want to represent this city with pride.

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Why is winning this competition important to you and the Market Street Saloon?

  • Kahlan is from Columbia, SC and she wants to show her hometown she can do it and do it with her saloon girls.
  • This competition will have a direct connection to a new MTV show and winning would thrust her closer to her career aspirations.
  • This win would not just be for the Market Street Saloon, but all the businesses on Market Street that support each other each and every day.
  • There is so much support from family and friends that it would mean so much for them to be a part of the excitement in celebration.

Who is Kahlan Michelle Shull?

Kahlan is a spirit fueled by the light and energized by life.  She is passionate, caring, warm, playful, talented and would be a wonderful symbol of Charleston and the hospitality industry that serves as such a critical part of the landscape of Charleston.

At the age of twenty-one, most of us are still trying to figure out what to have for breakfast and what major to focus on in college.  Not Kahlan who has:

  • Been awarded Miss North Charleston Teen 2007
  • Auditioned for American Idol
  • Ran track for seven years, volleyball for four and worked for 93.5 radio
  • Attended modeling school for a year while she was thirteen (13)
  • Is an entertainer from head to toe:  Contemporary singer, runaway model, hula hoopist, dancer and actress
  • Won a competition senior year in high school for developing and presenting an international business model to a panel of business CEO’s

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To meet Kahlan is to love the her.  She is and ambitious, driven independent woman; a little girl that wants to play; a talented entertainer; a daughter, a friend and a lover.

It is is this love for Charleston coupled with her natural beauty that will put her center stage to represent Market Street Saloon, Charleston and the wonderful culture this city offers.

Next time you see Kahlan on the street or at work behind the bar, give her a hug.  Not because she lost her father, not because she is a warm cuddly sweetheart, but because she represents all that is good in Charleston.  It is her genuine happiness that is an insignia of what Charleston represents.

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One thought on “Meet Market Street Saloon’s Kahlan and Finalist for Charleston’s Hottest Bartender

  1. Tonya Ramsey

    Kahlan so proud of you ; not just because your my family but because your fierce and loving and have known where you wanted to be; I think that is so admirable if a young woman /you; through your loss we have lost touch; but I’ve always since day one on stage : thought that you would be a Starr; keep reaching baby girl we always found away; and you have adopted that: I love you and miss you, always. Tonya

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