Rockabilly meets Pony Boy and Rocks the House Park Circle Style – Are you Ready for Rockabillaque?


This Saturday, November 16th from 1 PM to 2 AM, The Barbaque Joint and Ivy Mountain Distillery present Rockabillaque, a day and evening extravaganza that will tear off your dancing shoes, take by back to the days of the Outsiders and the Fonz and have pumped up for some horse power.

This block party offers fun and excitement for all ages from great Rockabilly music, to a Pin-up competition to some gritty classic cars.

During the course of the day/night event you will witness:

  • Great live music all day long
  • Fashion show
  • Savory barbeque
  • Classic car show
  • Pin-up competition
  • Whiskey Tastings
  • Dancing and community engagement

We had a moment to talk to Simon Cantlon, Co-Producer at Rockabilly on the Route and organizer of this years event. From his conversation and the enthusiasm he shares with the music, the theme and the city of Charleston, this Saturday’s event is shaping up to be a memorable part of the fall season line up of great Charleston happenings.

1. How important is utilizing the Park Circle environment and strong community culture to making this a successful event?

I am a big fan of Park Circle and that is a big reason why I chose it as the location for Rock-A-Bill-A-Que. It is a close-knit community and the neighborhood and it’s people could not have been more supportive.

2. Rockabilly has a certain flashback appeal (The Outsiders, Brian Setzer, Happy Days) with heavy undertones of the South. Are you hoping the participants and attendees really embrace the theme?


It would be great if attendees embrace the look and feel of the 50’s but I am just hoping people come out and have a great time, that’s the most important thing.

3. What bands are you most excited about seeing perform and why?

I hand picked all the bands so I am psyched to see all of them!

4. Does this event appeal to all ages from children to adult?

The daytime festivities are definitely great for the whole family with the classic cars, the barbeque, a fashion show and more! Plus it’s free!

5. Music is such a core foundation in the Charleston community and this event offers a unique experience. Do you feel this inaugural event will be the start of bigger future annual events?

I definitely want to make this an annual event and grow it every year!

6. With all the events in the area this weekend, why do I want to attend, Rockabillaque?


There is nothing like Rockabillaque happening in Charleston and the fest has so much to offer from a classic car show, live music, whiskey tastings, a pin-up contest, barbeque, a fashion show and more!

For more information go to:

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