Creating Lasting Memories with On Purpose Adventure

library Do you remember when you registered for your first library card? The nice lady with the blue veined hands and a tissue stuffed in her sleeve placed that ticket to independence into your eager tiny little palm. Your world was blown open! You discovered ALL the Berenstain Bears books and played hours of Oregon Trail! Later in life, using that card to fill your obsession with Dean Koontz horror, stalking the stacks to find a new novel to scare the wits out of you. I have a warm and fuzzy for public libraries. So much that I transformed from a spunky Bourbon Street bartender, playing a tambourine on top of a bar to having my feet planted firmly on the carpet in a more civilized environment checking out books to those bright eyed children, with less emergency tissue. It’s an extreme change, but now I find peace wandering through my stacks of old friends. Our libraries provide great books, from crazy Christopher Moore to the “how to salvage your life- for idiots”, the latest DVD’s, and even internet access when your laptop crashes.

I was happy to see that one of my customized indoor/bad weather choices from On Purpose Dating was to go hang out at the library and play hide and seek. I love that On Purpose supports local and really what better place to witness the slice of life that is your city than at the library.

Since joining the family at Charleston Daily, I have had the opportunity to meet some remarkable characters of our city. One of those is Ben from On Purpose Adventures. One conversation with Ben will have you thinking, “Why am I not doing more with my life like this guy?” This fella is busy doing amazing things in our little city including a zombie run, a radio show, adventure outings and his latest endeavor- helping you have a fabulous date.


His company’s core belief is that “the body craves adventure and the soul needs purpose”- hence On Purpose Adventure! As someone that believes you need to follow your dreams and fill your soul, not a bank account, I was immediately on board. I was excited to have the opportunity to take part of On Purpose dating.

Whether you are planning for a first date or a several year anniversary, dating is a great option to get out of your element and take advantage of original Charleston ventures. Is anyone really impressed with dinner and a movie anymore? You fill out an easy questionnaire and, in short order, Ben and his team email you customized date options. This service is for everyone from the low-cash-flow couch potato to the has-money-to-impress adventure junkie.

My man and I are the poor… or maybe…“budget savvy” active couple, and we were set up with some great ideas, catered specifically to our creative outdoor selves. This cold weather is crippling me. I have been absolutely miserable, but for the sake of writing inspiration my go-go-go boyfriend drug me from hibernation, underneath the warmth of goose down, to try our indoor date option, and we headed downtown to the Charleston County library on Calhoun. I decided to take the suggested hide and seek idea one step further.

I challenged us each to make a romantic confession, finding each word out of a different book. With a little PDA between the stacks- because really, who hasn’t wanted to play out that fantasy? We eventually found our love line, swapped clues and set off to piece together our original declaration of love to each other.

My first clue for my man: “This Nobel peace prize winner took over as my #1 author after I read his American masterpiece about a family trying to survive in California during the great depression. He also took a classic tale for a new spin. I wonder if Mallory would like it. Page 56 line 4.” This was probably too easy, but I had to give the non-reading fella a break, right?

OPA PNG I got a little tear in my eye when I pieced together my line, found from greats spanning from Shakespeare to Chuck Palunchuck. It was a wonderful way to spend a cold afternoon in a warm, funky building. Thanks to On Purpose Dating, we were inspired to make a unique and memorable day that we will never forget, in our local library.

If you’re looking for something fresh to do with your loved one, a group excursion or team building for your office staff, On Purpose Adventure can put it together for you. So get out, support local and enjoy your fascinating city folks.

To get your customized date just email Ben- subject DATE PLANNING

By: Tatiana Fisher, contributing writer

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