King Street Chronicles: Jlinsnider

IMG_1946 copy copy JLINSNIDER is a vintage wearables store, pairing storeowner and designer Jamie Lin Snider’s one of a kind designs with vintage clothing, shoes, and accessories. Snider grew up in Anderson, SC and attended college in Las Vegas, Nevada. While still attending school, she began to sell her designs locally and, after graduation, returned to South Carolina where she founded her King Street store in 2011. Snider’s objective is “to provide ready-to-wear for the avant garde souls”. She describes this movement as “brash, liberated, and dramatic”, and these themes are apparent in her bright prints, innovative pattern making, and the appropriation of vintage styles with modern tenor.

Charleston is a sort of melting pot of culture, not only in the diversity of its residents, but also in the small business owners and artists who have worked together to both simultaneously preserve and advance areas of town. Snider sees this concept mirrored in both her diverse store selection and the store’s location saying, “I see Upper King developing into a landscape of talent. While the mom and pop shops freckle this end, new artists and designers are flocking in…I see nothing but great things on this end of King!”

Snider’s storefront has seen swift change in this area of upper King Street, while still maintaining long-established businesses, such as Honest John’s TV Repair Shop and George’s Pawn. JLINSNIDER has grown in its success, not only from a business standpoint, but also in the store’s ability to open doors to something more than just mass manufactured garments. Charlestonians have embraced the concept of one of a kind finds and the progressive fashion world by supporting this business for the last 3 years and, since its founding, the 500 block of King Street has adopted it as part of the whole. Snider plans to expand west with her concept to cities such as Austin, TX and Portland, OR, but Charleston will always be a pioneer in the manifestation of her creative freedom and business model.

Visit Jlinsnider at her Facebook page to keep up to date with all the happenings.

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Article and photography submitted by contributing raconteur Kelsey Schultz.

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