The Great Outdoors of Charleston

Fishing, jet-skiing, tubing, skiing, swimming, wakeboarding, camping, hunting, eating, and relaxing.

It’s that time of the year again. The weather is hot and the water is cool, which means lakeside parks like Somerset, Overton and Short Stay on lakes Moultrie and Marion are in full swing. For those who are unfamiliar with the lakes, they are located on the shores of Upper Berkeley County, just a cool 30 minutes from Downtown Charleston. Every weekend, hundreds of boaters are beaching on “Coon Island” to enjoy a little bit of lake life. Almost certainly, a few of them will enjoy it so much they will spend the weekend out there camping. Once dawn breaks, meals will be prepared over a campfire, beverages will be consumed and a typical day on the lake will be underway.

Children will be slung around on tubes behind pontoon boats, screaming with joy while holding on for dear life. Jet skiers spontaneously “race” each other without any word or mention of a start or finish. Skiers, wakeboarders, and kneeboarders glide around, unhindered from every worldly stress except the painful fall that is soon to come. After everyone works up an appetite playing on the lakes, they could visit one of the several restaurants conveniently located nearby. The catfish nuggets at any of these locally owned destinations are always heavenly.

Speaking of fish, the lake’s main attraction is the award winning fish it produces.

cd2Daily, whether there is rain, sleet, or hail, someone is casting a line into the Santee Cooper lake system. And who could blame them? State record bass, catfish and bream have all been caught in the Lowcountry lake system. This is probably what has prompted the rise of the various fishing tournaments that are held on the lakes. Year round, bass and catfish tournaments are held with cash prizes as large as $10,000.

If catching prize-winning fish isn’t your forte, there are dozens of fishing tours that could help even the most unskilled angler land a big one. If you get the opportunity to sail out with one of the lake’s fishing veterans, you are almost guaranteed to land a sizeable fish. If you have not gotten to experience the incredible feeling of winding in a largemouth bass, participate in a tour as soon as possible. You will quickly find out why so many people spend their past-time on a lake.

So get out and about Charleston!  There is so much beauty out there to continue to experience.  And now you can take us with you.  We have Charleston Daily bumper stickers for sale so that you can spread the love throughout Charleston.  We appreciate each one of you!2014-07-10 11.17.52 (1)

Written by Charleston Daily’s blogger Hayden Grooms.



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