Southerly with Southern Style

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI am a lonely bartender.

Did you know that in order to work for the county via the Charleston County Library you have to have a South Carolina driver’s license?  Do you further know that to get your driver’s license, you first have to have your social security card, not just your passport?  I’m sure you know how many hours it takes to get both in this area.  That is why my procrastinating self no longer works as a perky librarian for the county, and I am now a lonely bartender.

I felt past the prime age to be a “good” bartender, but Kyle the manager at Southerly thought differently when he plucked my resume out of the retail applications bound for Southern Seasons.   So I was rescued from the doldrums of retail and thrown back into my New Orleans, Bourbon Street days of  slinging cocktails and hustling around in overdrive  for the pleasure of others, with the old lady benefit of good mats under my feet and a closing time of 9 pm on weekdays.

That first week was out of control! I was coming from working with near retirement age ladies at the library that took things slow and low to being thrown to the thirsty and hungry for small tasty foods before 7 pm wolves with my trainer basically saying I need to put some jet fuel in my ass!  I was hooked on the rush and money immediately!  However, it seemed like as soon as I signed on the dotted line, the spring break chaos was over.  We went from having a steady cash flow to hoping someone would turn the spigot on just a half notch.

Despite the sometimes empty barstools, I drank the Kool-Aid of Southerly and I want you to come pour down the juice too.  It is a great company to work for – they offer benefits and PTO to servers, making it possible to career the lifestyle if it’s just what you are good at and the managers rock, but let us move on to why you should come contribute to my salary…

We do the whole shebang to capture your love.  We have breakfast, lunch, happy hour and dinner menus. Don’t forget brunch, Cackalacky sauce brunch, flights of specially created Bloody Mary’s brunch.  Not waking up before 3 pm on Sundays?  Try a new bottle of wine for ½ price paired with a fresh thinking, always changing three courses for $30 bucks.  Sure you can come in early for the $5 pancake breakfast on Saturdays, but to be honest what people really have to come in for is the cheese! West coasters have never been turned on to pimento cheese and it just may be the biggest loss to our region, especially with the way Southerly fries them into gooey cheese heaven balls!  Not to mention that they are served with this pepper jelly, which I found out was pushed by some little old lady about 30 years ago, and that lady knew just how to give jelly a sweet starter followed by a kick in the pants!  If the cheese lure doesn’t sell you, how about a break on your hard earn cash as a kicker. Get your happy hour buzz on for $3 a pop.  Yes – wine, well drinks and for some reason you all seem to like a little champagne cocktail in the afternoon.  You can tap your toes to live music, suck on some riblets, drool over some bacony deviled eggs and slosh down a few glasses of red wine for $20 bucks.  That’s even within my meager budget.

I hear it over and over again – “I can’t believe I haven’t been here! I didn’t even know you were here.”  Well folks, we are here in Mount Pleasant on Coleman next to the darn Starbucks – now I see you ALL going to that overpriced Starbucks instead of local ran Metto in the Lemming droves, so turn your head and check out our dog-friendly patio, come on over and enjoy the air conditioned bar and my sparkling hospitality, or stroll outside to the music filled outdoor bar.  We are a newer addition to the block and I am starting to get how that works here in the South, but we are filled with hard working folks that rock at their jobs and will become your favorite servers in no time.

See you soon….

Written by Tatiana Fisher

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2 thoughts on “Southerly with Southern Style

  1. Jules

    What a wonderful article. And how completely accurate. After a beautiful bridge walk we happened in for breakfast and my two dogs completely enjoyed the patio. What a treat it would be to visit for happy hour if it wasn’t for having to travel so far. The only downside to the Southerly is that they are not strategically located in all areas of Charleston. It seems as though our areas James Isand, Johns Island, Kiawah Island, Seabrook Island and West Ashley are often neglected 😦

    • There are some restaurants that we enjoy that are in that neck of the woods. Angel Oak Restaurant, Sunrise Bistro, and The Gathering, and Ms. Rose’s come to mind. Thank you for reading!

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