So What’s Your Dream? – Inspirational Boots shines Positive Influence on Charleston

Since childhood there has just been something different about Cyndi Boots.  She saw the world from just a little bit of a different perspective.  She followed her intuition from an early age and was known as an old soul with wisdom beyond her yea10363327_10100882764170534_5348404181707608904_nrs.  For this reason, it was hard for her to fit in with the “normal” crowd.  The friends she had would come and go, but she always took the lessons they taught her about herself and the world around her to heart.

Because she was ostracized from normal society, she started to rebel, and it was from her preteens to her mid-twenties that she learned the most difficult series of lessons. “I was always a bit of a hard-head, and no one would be able to tell me how to do anything.  I swore I knew everything better than anyone else,” Boots says.  “Because of my stubbornness, I’d always learn things the hard way.” Due to her perpetual rebelling and without the solace of fitting in, Boots fell into a deep depression.  “I contemplated suicide.  I felt like a shell of a person.  I figured this was not how anyone should live their life, so I just wanted to end it.”  Thankfully, it never came down to that.  Boots is an example of the positive transformations people can achieve in life.

At the time Boots made drastic changes in her environment, including moving to another state and getting married. “I was in such a desperate place; I drastically changed everything, knowing that if I didn’t, I was not going to last much longer.” Even though the changes she made did not work out like she thought, Cyndi believes that, “we are always where we are supposed to be at any given time.” She says, “I learned numerous lessons and experienced a myriad of situations that have enabled me to empathize with people from many paths so that I can facilitate to a larger group of people.”

10527789_10100870270712524_1988205799158101865_nShe began experiencing unexplained instances after the death of her great-grandfather when she was about twelve. She recalls,  “I started getting messages and visits from family members who had passed.  I admit, it scared the hell outta me.”  She received the support of her parents and other family members who explained that some people are given this gift and for a purpose.  To help hone her mediumship and energy healing skills, she started to educate herself about a variety of spiritual subjects, receiving her Bachelors of Metaphysics and a Master of Divinity, which helped her expand on her Psychology degree from the College of Charleston.  She is currently pursuing her PhD in Transpersonal Counseling.  “My main goal and purpose in this life is to help touch as many lives as possible to help them achieve a happy and fulfilling life.”

Inspirational Boots, which she founded last year, is the brainchild of that purpose.  Cyndi travels throughout the Lowcountry, helping people to start believing and making steps towards fulfilling their dreams.  She works with you one on one to help guide you down the path towards your goals.  The mission of Inspirational Boots is for every individual to take a hard look at their life goals and then make a solid plan while finding happiness and peace within themselves to bring about these accomplishments.

Some people just want stress to be reduced – to feel they have control over their lives.  She can teach you the basics of meditation to help melt that stress away, or she can conduct an energy session to help with obstacles hindering you from reaching your goals.  Sometimes people just need a different perspective on a situation to help see them through.  Being objective allows her to look at the situation as a whole to help you gain insight, enabling you to put your situation in a positive light. The services she offers range from crystal packages to various types of energy healings and everything in between.  She can even perform distance healings for clients outside of the area.  Every service has the beauty of being personalized to your needs and situation.  Cyndi started working on family and friends six years ago and has helped several clients to enlighten their lives since the inception of Inspirational Boots.  You may read some of their testimonies on her website and on Yelp.10494618_10100870270782384_6281776023731618394_n

She works with everyone: children and adults alike, as well as the furry loved ones.  Every living creature has energy, and we all can have hang-ups from time to time. So if you need a gift for a friend or loved one or are looking for a bit of self-soul love, Cyndi Boots has what you need to start living that inspired and goal-driven life you have always dreamed of.  Oh, and speaking of dreams, she can interpret those as well.  She offers a free consultation to discuss your specific goals and needs and will make a plan with you to work towards having the life that you have imagined.

For appointments call 843-478-3647 or visit for availability.

If anyone you know is going through periods of withdrawal or depression, please go to the  National Suicide Prevention Lifeline website for more details and help.  There is always hope.

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