The Barrel Makes A Splash on Folly Road


By Mark A. Leon

There is some buzz going around James Island, between Walmart and Folly Beach and that is the new craft beer watering hole, The Barrel.  Built from the ground up, many locals have been keeping an eye on this plot of land from dirt to roof anticipating its opening.  It does not disappoint.  With a lavishly open back yard, tailored for the grass sports fan, this meeting place offers shuffleboard, corn hole, open roaming for dogs and a caged dog area with a pool for the not-so-friendly canines.

There are plenty of patio tables and covered areas complete with shower fans during the warm months to ease patrons from the strains of the heat.

The Barrel is small and does not have an operational kitchen.  “How can I eat when I drink” you ask?  The Barrel has partnered with a number of food truck operators to ensure there is ample food during the open hours.  You will notice a recycling of food trucks in the back yard waiting to meet your hunger needs.  If you are picky about what food you like, you can find the food truck schedule right on the web at

Some of the participants in the Food Truck partnership are:  Cilantro’s, Smoke, Roti Rolls, Run Around Sue’s and Zombie Bob’s.

The inside is cozy with dark wood paneling, a “z” shaped bar top, an outdoor bar area with an inward view, a few chairs against the wall and a sizable community table.  The menu is a feast for the craft beer lover.  Heavily focused on local Southeast brewers with a nice added list of national micro brews, The Barrel offers everything from the white blond taste bud to the deep lager moustache wearing manly man.

This is a beer fan haven compartmentalized into an intimate setting.barrel2

Most of the patrons come inside for a little shelter from the heat, but spend alot of their time outside feeling as if they are in their own backyards.

There is limited parking, but plenty of street parking off of Folly Road.

Whether you are looking for a 4.9% alcohol content beer or a 9.5% high gravity, they have you covered.  There are 34 beers on tap to meet every drinkers needs.  This is a place to go with friends.  Bring your beer palate, enjoy a little shuffleboard and let the dogs roam free.


From the surfers, to the lumberjacks, The Barrel delivers one pint at a time.

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