Charleston Donuts offers decadent treats

By Loretta Jophlin

By Loretta Jophlin

I squealed with delight when I discovered Charleston Donuts by accident. I was on my way to an office supply store in the Wando Crossing Shopping Center and while I didn’t plan to eat donuts that day, I embraced the opportunity. Nestled in a corner of the strip mall, this family-owned donut shop is easy to overlook. I was greeted by an incredible aroma and several enthusiastic employees who explained the protocol. Pick a donut, pick a glaze or frosting and choose your toppings. The decorators will then create your custom donut while you watch.

I debated within my head. Should I choose cream cheese frosting with bacon? Chocolate frosting with coconut and almonds? Vanilla frosting with mini M&Ms?  I settled on strawberry frosting, sprinkled with Fruity Pebbles and pistachios. Before I could even pay for it, it was ready. It took incredible restraint to take the photos for this article and not dive right in. It was… the best donut I have ever had. The outside was crispy and the inside was cakey but still fluffy. And it was served piping hot. The gooey berry frosting and crunchy toppings were perfectly complimentary.

I had only planned on having one donut but found myself back at the register ordering another one. They took my old standby, chocolate frosting with rainbow sprinkles, to a new level. The chocolate frosting was dark and rich. What a decadent treat. This time I also ordered a cup of coffee and it was very good.


They have other donut choices beside the white cake type such as a seasonal apple cider donut. They also accept suggestions for novel donut toppings. Anyone up for cinnamon toast crunch? For breakfast or a sweet snack this is a great local option. Need dessert for the potluck dinner party? This would be perfect. Need to apologize to someone? Donuts trump flowers every time. Birthday celebration? Arrive with a dozen custom donuts and be the life of the party.


Charleston Donut is open daily from 6:30am to 2:30pm and can be found online at

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