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Trees, bees and dirty knees

OPA PNGA few blogs back, I went on a downtown library date at the suggestion of Ben with On Purpose Adventures/Dating.  We had such a good time with his first suggestion that I decided to look back at his other ideas and the man is full of great local freebies. If you ever catch yourself saying,“I have nothing to do!”ask this guy for date help, or just check out his FB page to make you look really boring.  That man is way too busy! Did you see his awesome RiverDog ZombieDog?

I digress, but another one of the date suggestions he gave to us was to go on a Geocache.  What the heck is Geocaching, you ask?  Well, it requires a good GPS app like Google Maps, some passion for treasure hunting, a bit of patience and an eagle eye to seek out your pot at the end of the rainbow. Are you waiting for a dinner reservation somewhere? I can guarantee there is a Geocache within scouting distance.  I initially dismissed this date idea since I’m just not tech savvy. GPS/smart phone gadgets intimidate me, but my man, Mr. D, who doesn’t prefer a flip phone from the old ages, wanted to give this date suggestion a whirl.  How could I say no? It was another chance to explore our fabulous city for free.

geocache-labelWe took on North Charleston/Park Circle for an afternoon. Pulling the truck into a church parking lot, we unloaded our bikes and headed down the street to the first GPS coordinates, just down the way from EVO.  The geo community site offered only one simple clue to help guide you in locating the smallest of small caches.  It’s shocking…hmm.

We were an entertaining sight to others who watched as Mr. D wandered around with his giant phone outstretched in front of him, trying to narrow down the location. I got down on hands and knees to peer under cob web and dirt encrusted possibilities.  We even got asked if we needed help finding our keys.  Well, I’ll be honest; that first one was a bit tricky. I experienced first-hand what other “cachers” had rightly warned me about in their online feedback. It took me looking in the same place three times to finally find the little bugger, but it was me – competitive me – and not Mr. D who found the small-as-my-pinky, silver, magnetic bullet that held a book of signatures curled onto a piece of paper tucked inside.  I was proud of myself for not giving up when draft beer at DIG was calling my name and found that I was immediately addicted to the hunt.  Excited to find the next hidden booty, we peddled to the local pond and as I ranaway from some scary geese, Mr. D hauled the medium sized container out of the bushes. We plopped down on the grass and looked through all the little tokens that people had left inside the green container.  The afternoon went on with one cache that must have been stolen, one snuggled next to a bunch of busy bees, and if any of you ever find the one on the Frisbee golf course, you must tell us where it is!

goodies insideThe only thing missing was a picnic basket full of Southern Season cheeses and a beautiful red wine stashed at our last find.  Since then, we’ve found a great hide after a visit to the Frothy Beard and I also had the skills to find another tiny, silver gem in a West Ashley parking lot while we waited for my foster dog from Carolina Coonhound (I haven’t lost another one yet – cross your fingers). You will never look at your environment again without wondering how many caches there are out there.  So, get out into our city with a friend or your family and start looking!


A warm Welcome Back to Tatiana Fisher as our main contributing writer and blogger.  We look forward to sharing more adventures of hers!  You can check out her blog for more fun times.


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Rockabilly meets Pony Boy and Rocks the House Park Circle Style – Are you Ready for Rockabillaque?


This Saturday, November 16th from 1 PM to 2 AM, The Barbaque Joint and Ivy Mountain Distillery present Rockabillaque, a day and evening extravaganza that will tear off your dancing shoes, take by back to the days of the Outsiders and the Fonz and have pumped up for some horse power.

This block party offers fun and excitement for all ages from great Rockabilly music, to a Pin-up competition to some gritty classic cars.

During the course of the day/night event you will witness:

  • Great live music all day long
  • Fashion show
  • Savory barbeque
  • Classic car show
  • Pin-up competition
  • Whiskey Tastings
  • Dancing and community engagement

We had a moment to talk to Simon Cantlon, Co-Producer at Rockabilly on the Route and organizer of this years event. From his conversation and the enthusiasm he shares with the music, the theme and the city of Charleston, this Saturday’s event is shaping up to be a memorable part of the fall season line up of great Charleston happenings.

1. How important is utilizing the Park Circle environment and strong community culture to making this a successful event?

I am a big fan of Park Circle and that is a big reason why I chose it as the location for Rock-A-Bill-A-Que. It is a close-knit community and the neighborhood and it’s people could not have been more supportive.

2. Rockabilly has a certain flashback appeal (The Outsiders, Brian Setzer, Happy Days) with heavy undertones of the South. Are you hoping the participants and attendees really embrace the theme?


It would be great if attendees embrace the look and feel of the 50’s but I am just hoping people come out and have a great time, that’s the most important thing.

3. What bands are you most excited about seeing perform and why?

I hand picked all the bands so I am psyched to see all of them!

4. Does this event appeal to all ages from children to adult?

The daytime festivities are definitely great for the whole family with the classic cars, the barbeque, a fashion show and more! Plus it’s free!

5. Music is such a core foundation in the Charleston community and this event offers a unique experience. Do you feel this inaugural event will be the start of bigger future annual events?

I definitely want to make this an annual event and grow it every year!

6. With all the events in the area this weekend, why do I want to attend, Rockabillaque?


There is nothing like Rockabillaque happening in Charleston and the fest has so much to offer from a classic car show, live music, whiskey tastings, a pin-up contest, barbeque, a fashion show and more!

For more information go to:

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Pint of Hope Zombie Pub Crawl – An Apocolyptic Disaster in Park Circle

Picture 348

The marketing plug was in place and the sponsors were ready:

“Warning. The quarantine was breached for a race against time. Join Holy City Brewing, Lowcountry AIDS Services (LAS) and the walking dead for a pub crawl like no other in Park Circle on Saturday, October 5th from 5-11 pm. The apocalyptic 3rd annual “Pint of Hope” Zombie Pub Crawl will feature discounted Holy City brews ordinarily unavailable to the public, live music by DJ Big Hair Dave, a costume contest & much more.

Dress like the undead and battle for a chance to win a private tasting for you and 9 of your favorite living corpses at Holy City Brewing.”

The only issue with the Pint of Hope Zombie Pub Crawl was that it was a modern day disaster in its execution. The event supported the Lowcountry Aids Foundation with sponsors and participating restaurants including:



  • Holy City Brewing (presenting sponsor)
  • Belk
  • Artist & Craftsman
  • Big Hair Productions
  • Gil Shuler Graphic Design
  • The Event Cooperative
  • Kask Creativity
  • Snyder Event Rentals
  • Vive le Rock Productions
  • Robust Energy Drink

Many came out to support the cause and bring out the inner “undead” but a number of things went dramatically wrong during the hours of 5 PM and 1 AM.

Picture 343

What went wrong!!!

  • All restaurants were supposed to offer participants a different Holy City Beer option for $3.00.  Two restaurants charged $2.00, one charged $3.00, one $5.00 and two didn’t even clearly show a Holy City option.  In fact none of the 9 restaurants offered the Holy City option to the participants when then entered and sat down.  They just gave us menus and asked what we wanted.
  • I asked about the markers to identify stopping at each location and one restaurant manager said he didn’t even know what was going on until the day of the event.
  • One of the sponsors was Yelp who announced there would be a scavenger hunt along with the event.  Aside from some koozies, there was no other representation of Yelp and no scavenger hunt.  The only resemblance was that each team had to drink at all nine restaurants.
  • Times were not designated for each location so all individual teams signed in and went their own way.  The idea of a pub crawl is to migrate together, co-mingle and make new friends.  The lack of order made it almost impossible to follow others and branch outside of your individual team.  Getting people to Park Circle / North Charleston from outside the community is a challenge enough.  This did not make it easier.
  • Service at two of the restaurants was “poor” at best.  We even left after waiting seven plus minutes for a single beer.
  • After the event, the organizers were drawing winners from those that completed the crawl.  We never heard any announcement at DIG or a gathering place to hear who the winners were being announced.
  • The silent auction had limited participation and no clear directions on how you would be notified if you won.
  • Some people walked the streets with open alcohol including one with a bottle of Corona.  We were not sure if that was allowable at all and took a risk to carry open alcohol in the streets.
  • There was a best zombie contest scheduled for the end of the event.  We did not know when or where it occurred.  It may have been somewhere in DIG in the Park, but no signs or direction was provided.

Overall, there were some very creative, creepy and even a few eye turning costumes and make up applications.  For a Saturday night at Park Circle, there was a buzz in the air, but for an important fund raiser supporting a very worthy cause, the organization was a failure.

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